Nature has done its miracle and the landscape reminds you of a painting, "dipped" in plane trees, with running water, makes you feel king!

A heavenly village awaits you to enjoy its nature and tranquility. It may have the same name as one of the central areas of Attica, but its beauty is unparalleled. Monastiraki is located northwest of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania just 10 kilometers from Amvrakikos bay and Vonitsa.

A few words about his story

Built in the Acarnanese Mountains at an altitude of 340 meters, it was named after the monastery dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior. However, his first name was "Paradise", of course, and we do not need to explain the reasons why the landscape is there.

Walking through the cobblestone streets you will understand why this village was named "Paradise". Going to the central square and climbing the bridge you will see the river Kefalovrysos crossing the village. Thanks to this 4 nozzles are working to date. This particular river, however, causes a miracle of nature, which is no more than the XENUMX measures of the Sepetta's waterfall! There you will see the cave of Neradospilia, which is unexplored.

The origin of the name

Traditions want a beautiful girl to jump from the waterfall because her father had forbidden her to marry her beloved. But for good luck, she saved her a fairy. As soon as her father saw that his daughter lived, she allowed her to marry the good of her heart.

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The terrible cataclysm of Sepetos in Monastiraki!

The exquisite creation of nature ... floods the visitor with unique feelings!

It is the Sepetos cascade located in Monastiraki Vonitsa. Otherwise it is also called "Lampada" (candle) because of the straight fall of water, but also because it is narrow at the top and widen as it falls, resembling a gigantic white candle when viewed from a distance.

Sepetos is the continuation of the Kefalovrysos river, which flows from Monastiraki under the central square and is one of the main sights of the village.

The imposing waterfall is located at the entrance of the village and is formed when the waters of the river Cephalosyrisos meet a steep precipice and they are rushing from a height of about eighty meters.

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The traditional waterbath

Built many years ago, Kostas Petropoulos' water-jet is undoubtedly a monument of folk architecture.

He is there, standing proud and proud. It has undoubtedly beat time. It reminds of something of the glorious past of the area. Then, even washing clothes was an institution for the local community. The nozzles were either a meeting point or a moment of female escape from the four walls.

It is there, in the village of Monastiraki (Aktio-Vonitsis), but also the traditional water-jet of Kostas Petropoulos (Spleri).

It is there to serve the needs of households and to keep the tradition faithfully. It is a small ... memorial to this small but important moment of the daily life of old women.

The Monastiraki scrub is "living and reigning" and is available for washing woolen fabrics (flocks, blankets, mantans, capes, etc.). Note that the water of the water jet comes straight from the Acarnanica Mountains.

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