One of the unknown ancient theaters of Aitoloakarnania is a short walk from Nafpaktos.

The ancient Macedonian Theater is located at the "Paliokastro" site on a small plateau on the acropolis of ancient Makyneia. From the theaters, one can admire the views of the Patraikos and Corinthian gulfs, the Rio-Antirion Bridge, as well as the mountains of Achaia, Panachaikos and Erymanthos.

The theater is sophisticated and may have been used as a boulevard. It has an arched orchestra without a drain and a narrow hollow without a frieze, with fourteen (14) rows of seats. For such a small theater no stair ramps were provided.

At the highest point of the theater, the official or honored faces were intended to sit. There the arched outline of the hollow is interrupted vertically by three straight and parallel rows of seats with a gap of about one meter, between the first and the second, and transverse plates in the third northernmost row as backrests, which undoubtedly constituted the presidency. Thus, in addition to the events on the stage, the spectators also saw the spectators. Before the posts of the officials there is a stone throne intended for the honored person.

To the east of the theater there is the scene, which has collapsed due to the steep slope of the slope in which it is built, and the gradual removal of the building material and its reuse in newer constructions is possible.

Few foundations, but not always in their original position, allow us to reconsider the scene's image. It is estimated that its dimensions were 21,60 μ. X 9,70 μ. Outside of the stage, the foundations of the narrow lanes of the theater are also visible. In the background, no other elements of the theater can be distinguished, except a part of a retaining angular wall on its southern side.

The material that was used for its construction is sandstone and because of the friable material of the theatrical construction it is urgent to thoroughly clean and preserve the beams and other functional elements.

The theater was excavated in 1988-1989 by Dr. Lazaros Kolonas, head of the then competent EPCA of Patras, and years 2013-2014 by F. Sarantis, archaeologist of EFA Aitoloakarnania and Lefkada.

Access instructions

Coming from the "Charilaos Trikoupis" bridge towards Antirrio we follow the old national Antirio-Ioannina and in just five minutes we reach Makinesia. We follow the Ancient Theater Street, which leads uphill through a hill leading to a mountain point just outside the village where the ancient theater of Makinesia dominates.

From "Charilaos Trikoupis" Bridge
Distance: 8 km
Duration: 10 minutes
Degree of difficulty: Low

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