Alternative summer activities in the largest natural park in Western Greece.

With the "Welcome" on the blue banks of the Acheloos Valley welcome and welcome the young visitors to their area.

The valley of Acheloos is located between Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece and Western Greece. The mountains and tributaries of Acheloos are provoking for adventure. Stone-built houses and monasteries with history, numerous cultural monuments adorn this beautiful area.

Every year, young people in the Acheloos valley prepare the established alternative summer activities in the largest natural park in Western Greece. These are river-friendly activities with ecological sensitivity and respect for the protection of the natural environment.

The venues will be ready to welcome visitors from July 25, and the local music bands will, in their own way, travel them to the traditional Acheloos musical streets, traditional and modern.

From 11 August to 14 August, 4 party parties will take place: 11 August at Mesopyrgos Arta, 12 at Dilofo (Glyka) Arta Springs, at 13 at Perdika and Tsifliki of Miliana Arta and at 14 at Kravari Mesopyrgos Arta .

In addition to music, dance and swimming on the beautiful and blue banks of the river, visitors will also be able to enjoy inflatable rides on the waterways of Acheloos, which EscapeWay Outdoor Activities will take place on the respective days.

Our aim is to promote and highlight our historical heritage, our environmental wealth, and our cultural and cultural heritage. Our goal is to inform the visitors and make a real contribution so that the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania becomes a popular tourist destination.