Three years after the loss of Akakia Kordossi, the publications of Assamakopoulos commemorating 5's XNUMX edition of the book "Miss Mesolongitika", awarded by the Academy of Athens.

Ένα βιβλίο, συμπληρωμένο με 300 περίπου λήμματα και φωτογραφίες, που περιέχει συνολικά 2000 λέξεις οι οποίες αποτελούν το Μεσολογγίτικο γλωσσάρι. Most are gathered from the mouth of the people of the small and quiet state of Messolonghi.

On the occasion of the re-release, the brother of the late Akakia Kordossi, and founder of the Center of Speech and Art "Die Exodus", Nikos Kordisis, writes in a note on facebook:

"Many are gathered in the Mesolongi Ivari after long cohabitation and conversations with Akkia with the fishermen who lived there.

It is a distillation of memory and love coming straight out of the mouth of the simple, unrecognizable and untamed people of our country with the freshness of sincerity and the authenticity of the spoken.

All words are accompanied by similar explanations, etymologies and speeches.

The book is supplemented by the history of the Mesolongi language, by the rules of pronunciation and "voice" writing of words, as well as by 750 quotes, 80 toponyms, 70 mesolithic expressions - proverbs and an extremely original photographic material.

The book is available from the "Technopolis" of the Historical Museum "Exodus". "

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