The Sparta Library, in collaboration with the Marathia Publications, has published an Anthology of poems by the award-winning and distinguished 2 Greek Prize Poetry Competition organized by 2017 Spring.

"Love for Poetry created the thought of the contest, and the findings, from the participations, lead us to make it an institution, thus contributing with our small powers to the voices of modern poets", notes in the Foreword to Anthology a volunteer group that runs the library, thus giving the "spot" of the contest.

Η Ανθολογία του 2ου Πανελλήνιου Διαγωνισμού Ποίησης, διατίθεται από την Βιβλιοθήκη Σπάρτου. Anthology includes forty-three (43) poems of the award-winning and distinguished competition.

The prizewinners participate with seven (7) poems and three (3) poems:
Nikos Antonopoulos (1th Prize)
Maria A. Mittleton (2's Prize)
Ioanna Kraniti (2 Prize)
Daphne Koumoulis (3 Prize)

Οι διακριθέντες που τιμήθηκαν με Έπαινο, (In alphabetical order)
Gavaris Giorgos
Davorlis Andreas
Koutsouris Vivi
Papageorgiou Katerina
Papamichail Georgia

The cover of Anthology has been edited and designed by Art Exhibitor Maria Stamati, whom I thank for her volunteer offer.

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Facebook: Spartou Library

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