"In our Neolithia", the historical poem by Kostis Palamas about the epic of 1940

Η ελληνική εποποιία του 1940 ενέπνευσε έναν από τους σπουδαιότερους Έλληνες ποιητές, τον Κωστή Παλαμά, που θέλησε λίγες ημέρες μετά το «ΟΧΙ» να παρακινήσει τη νεολαία της εποχής.

At the dawn of his eighteen-year life, Kostis Palamas did not stop writing. His last production was included in two collections with the care of the son of poet Leander K. Palamas and the Kostis Palamas Foundation. They are the collections "Bradynie Fire" and "Faces and Monologues".

From the second collection is the emblem "In our Neolithias" written by Kostis Palamas 1 of November 1940, three days after the declaration of the Greek-Italian War.

In our Neolithic

This keeps you light
in the windmill
the world's help
head forehead,

this is why you will
as I have no other
Move with the immortal
wine of the Twenty!

On the occasion of the historical events that inspired the Mesolongi poet, we also give you a historical poem written in 1925 and continues to be relevant after about 100 years.

The operation did not end

Opinions, hearts, Greeks,
and into the valley
of tears here, and hungry
from a faith, Greece!

rush, take root
with the Cross, with a spear,
Wisdom, Mother, Daughter,
Pantanassa, Athena.

Opinions, hearts, Greeks,
what you are, do not forget,
you are not out of your hands
only, no.

You are black
and to those who came, Passed,
they will come, they will pass.

Judges, we will be judged
the unborn, the dead
Bones in us
holy, holy, with us
and where earthquakes have fallen
our Gods are always our gods.

Citizens let us build it
and hoplites here and everybody
of the dream here in the City
with Agia Sophia.

The operation did not end
cut, for the finish
if it resumes, endless
he will find again,
to wait awake
in the night to show.

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