Sports enthusiasts are increasingly choosing Evinos for both the mild difficulty of the river and the beauty of the wild landscape.

It is not the rushing waters, nor the difficult passages, but the nature around you, combined with action and gives you unbelievable experiences!

In Greece, the experience of river downhill reveals incredible pictures of nature, crystal clear waters, the biodiversity of the riparian areas, as well as cultural ornaments such as stone arched bridges.

Activity mainly for Spring and Autumn after Spring, rafting is a collaborative lesson for everyone: teamwork, precision and safety, and you start out for an exciting experience in the country's top descent.

Evinos is one of the best rivers and is one of the most popular rafting routes. Also, the ποταμός Εύηνος θεωρείται εύκολος προς μεσαίας δυσκολίας για καταβάσεις, από τη γέφυρα του Πόρου ως το Διεθνές Προπονητικό Κέντρο πριν τη γέφυρα του Μπανιά.



Evinos, or Fidaris, known from Mythology as a passage of Hercules and Deiyaneras, took his name from King Evinos, who drowned in his waters chasing Ido, who had seized his daughter, Princess Marpissa.

The name Fidaris is due to the branches that are formed during the route in the mountainous areas of Aitoloakarnania, while the oldest name of the river is Lykarmas.

The river flows from the mountains of Korakas and Askouri, near Artotiana, and is poured into the Patraikos Gulf, near the village of Galatas, east of the Mesolongi lagoon. In fact, near the spot is the village of Evinochori, which has taken the name of the river.

In Evinos, with a total length of approximately 80 km, several old stone bridges are preserved, such as Artotivas (the largest single-arched bridge in western Greece), Doritsas, Porari, Klepas, Meligova and others.

It has strong riparian vegetation but not so much water supply, which in the summer is reduced or totally interrupted.

The dam of Ag. Dimitriou completed 1995 there, played a role in lowering the river level, but also in diverting water through a tunnel in Mornos and avoiding Athens from the risk of water scarcity.


Rafting in Evinos

Next to the Evinos River, Hanoi Bania operates the Canoe-Kayak Greek Federation, traditional tavernas, tourist accommodation and companies organizing outdoor activities (rafting, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, archery, hiking, in the area of ​​Evinos.

In fact, Evinos River is a beautiful, easy and pleasant river, for beginners and not only. Recently, 10 has become one of the top rafting destinations in Greece, as the experience of downhill rides reveals incredible pictures of nature, gurgling waters, the biodiversity of riparian areas, and cultural ornaments such as stone arched bridges.

Easy and pleasant river, for beginners and not only. The usual route 9km. ends at Hani of Bania (Vlachomandra).

Degree of difficulty: 2
Duration: 2 hours

Where to stay: The closest settlement to Evinos is Hani Bania. However, you can stay in the beautiful Nafpaktos, enjoying your walks in the picturesque, Venetian harbor and the castle that dominates the city. Also, starting from an excursion in Upper Hora, you can discover known and unknown aspects of mountain Nafpaktia: Perdikavrisi, the artificial lake of Evinos, the village of Platanos with its Folklore Museum and the one-arched bridge of Arvantova, architectural miracle of 15 century.



Ο εξοπλισμός δίνεται συνήθως από τις εταιρείες rafting και αποτελείται από κράνος, σωσίβιο, αντιανεμικό, ολόσωμη στολή και καλτσάκια από νεοπρέν και κουπί.

The paddle is not considered a means of pushing, as the river flows in any way push the boat. Helps guide the boat at the right spot to avoid obstacles and rocks, but also to "brake".

Participants must have a second pair of athletes with them because the first one will probably get wet and swimsuits.

Απευθύνεται σχεδόν σε όλους από 10 ετών και άνω, αρκεί να ξέρουν κολύμπι. The cost for a descent ranges from 30-60 euros depending on the degree of difficulty, distance and duration of the route.

Health Benefits

Rafting increases adrenaline, while mood improves.
Stress is reduced as participants escape from the urban environment and come close to nature. The enchanting landscapes that face, calm and worry disappear.

Παράλληλα, ανεβαίνει η αυτοπεποίθησή όταν»δαμάζεις» το ποτάμι. The coaches say, maybe a little too much that rafting is a lesson of life. Participants understand that despite the obstacles and difficulties, hard work, dedication, cooperation and perseverance can help them achieve their goals.

Apart from the mental benefits, rafting strengthens the muscles and is an important cardio exercise that strengthens the cardiopulmonary system.

Our aim is to promote and highlight our historical heritage, our environmental wealth, and our cultural and cultural heritage. Our goal is to inform the visitors and make a real contribution so that the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania becomes a popular tourist destination.