It is a devotional memorial to the Xeromenes fighters with "rich" documents and anecdotal photographic material.

Το βιβλίο φέρει τον τίτλο «Δήμος Εχίνου, ιστορικές ιχνηλασίες στα 1821» με τον συγγραφέα Νίκο Θ. Μήτση μετά από μια μεγάλη έρευνα να φέρνει στο φως ιστορικά στοιχεία και σπάνιες φωτογραφίες από την συνεισφορά των μαχητών του Ξηρομέρου στην ελληνική επανάσταση.

Το βιβλίο που εξέδωσε η Ομοσπονδία Πολιτιστικών Συλλόγων Ξηρομέρου (Ο.Π.ΣΥ.Ξ.) είναι ένα ιστορικό πόνημα που στηρίζεται πρώτα απ΄ όλα σε
finds that research laborious, costly, time consuming - over 30 years -
brought from the General State Archives (GAC) and, secondly, from
finds from research of rich bibliography in magazines, maps, engravings
and newspapers of 19 century, in books by Greek and foreign writers,
as well as research into the fighter-fighter files, by the Department
Manuscripts and Homes, and in "EXCELLENCE" - Registers
Chieftains of 1821 in the National Library and other state archive sources.

It concerns mainly the historical happening at 1821-1845 of the Municipality of Ehinou (Katouna Xymermerou), deals with the offer of captains and chieftains and simple but forgotten fighters of 1821 from the settlements and villages of Xiromeros:
Katouna, Loutraki, Barra, Voustri, Boikon, Trypou, Alevra,
Stevena, Kompote, Paliokastro, Aetos, Konopina, Kallitsas,
Aninos, Papadatou, Mahalas, Gardi and Babini.

It is a historical work, a poor and yet devotional memorial, those who, when they fell into the battlefields, did not run for their sake any tears ... and they were left unmoved, amused, fishermen, whose forgetfulness was overwhelmed, and no hagioke in memory their honeymoon of national memory.

In addition, in this book of seven hundred twenty pages (720) contains original maps, rich and unpublished historical & innumerable photographic material, mostly derived from the scattered and cartooned manuscripts often contained in the fighters' fighters from the municipality of Ehinos, as well as from the army directories of the Akarnan chieftains in 1821-1829 through the General State Archives.

Aitoloacarnans, Xerometians and especially the inhabitants around
Κατούνας Ξηρομέρου, θα έχουν την ευκαιρία, να εντρυφήσουν με περίσσιο ζήλο και διάθεση, το από πάσης πλευράς, μεστό και καλαίσθητο πόνημα και να πληροφορηθούν μέσα από τις ιστορικές πηγές αλλά και από τα irrefutable facts and documents about the history of their place.

The cover

Historical Documents

Proposal for the promotion of Xeromeri officers by General George Tsonga at 1 1825 Sept. XNUMX, first in the series by Giannis Paliogiorgos from Kombi
Promotion of Dimitris Tsami Gribogiorgos from Konopina to the rank of Major in the Royal Phalange of 1845
Military Diploma Certificate of Chief Anthony Galani of Mahala, signed by 1843 by officers Kitzos Tzavela, Theodoros Grivas, Christodoulos Hadjipetrou, Andrea Isko and Kosta Botsari
Certificate of Military Proceedings of the centrist Georgios Karalis from Tryfo, signed by 1844 by Ioannis Rango and Georgios L. Zervas
Certificate of military engagements by Dimitris Katerinopoulos from Babin signed 1846 by Ioannis Rango, Konstantinos Verris, Ioannis Lambropoulos
Diploma of promoting the 1824 of the Municipality of Celio from Zabitsa to the rank of counterpart
Certificate of Dimitris Scyfoulis from Katouna signed 1846 by K. Vlachopoulos, Io. Razikotsika, Konstantin Grivogorogos, Konstantinos Veri, Ioannis Lambropoulos and P. Vlachopoulos
Certificate of Military Licenses by Christos Karkas from Konopina signed by 1846 by Andreas Isko, Konstantinos Gribogiorgos GL Zerva, Fotis Kousouri and Nikolaos Tselios

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