Picture and sound from the gorge of Zeus in mountain Thermo

An exquisite natural landscape dominates next to the chapel of the Holy Trinity in Paleochori, Amvrakia.

On the occasion of the World Day of the Environment (5 of June), a day that coincided with the celebration of the Holy Spirit this year and on this occasion we were in Amvrakia in the mountainous Thermo, the village that honors this day the chapel of the Holy Trinity in Paleochori of Amvrakia was once the parish church of the old village and today is the only building that stands up in this area to ward off - together with everywhere the Amvrakians who were found for this reason in their village this day - due homage to this important celebration of Christianity during the Mass celebrated in the church above.

That is why, in addition to the more extensive report that will be followed soon enough both for the celebration of this day in Amvrakia and for the summer nature of the village that steals the show every year such days, and not only, there could not be no special a relative reference to the natural sights of this area, thus honoring the World Environment Day by projecting a sample even from the natural environment of that region. An area, which is a basic piece of the puzzle that composes the splendor of the nature planner of Mount Therma.

This is why, in this post, there are illustrated screenshots of icons and sounds of the water from the Gorge of Zeus, which constitutes an exquisite natural landscape adjacent to the site where the aforementioned temple is built.

Snapshots small, devoted to 5 June, World Environment Day, but capable of conveying the sense of magic that redeems Zeus Gorge to the visitor!

And as a conclusion to the above could be, what else, a poem. A poem that contains the reflection on how we can get the code of communication with the elements of nature so that we can communicate more and more people with its mysteries, which would certainly make it more harmonious and the a world of people exemplified by the harmony of nature.

This is the poem of compatriot Nikos Zori entitled "The Song of the Earth", which follows.

"The Song of the Earth" - May 2006

Billions of souls are over her,
like an ant, the land looks like a huge,
human ants sleep and wake up,
go and come every moment from here and there.
And some song quiet, singing soft
Under this weight, the land always sings
and wonderful notes make a magical melody,
wind, trees, birds, seas, rivers, mountains.
Anxious human ants on earth,
they are constantly silent, all day and afternoon.
Hopes, fears, passions, hatred, goals, obsessions,
they are not listening to the song of the earth.
Strange buzz, humming and humming,
sounds that only a few listen and praise.
In the world many other eyes may see,
if those sounds are heard in their ears!

Nikos A. Zois (From his book "As dawn everything changes ..."

Άρθρο: Νίκος Κωστακόπουλος – Εκπαιδευτικός / Δημοτικός Σύμβουλος

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