A Byzantine temple in the waters of Mavrikas Agrinio

The Holy Trinity is a Byzantine monument of 6 century. It is located in the area of ​​Mavrikata of the Aetolian Plain, two kilometers south of Agrinio, near Lake Lysimachia.

Πρόκειται για σταυροπηγιακό ναό μικρών διαστάσεων, περίτεχνης κατασκευής και εξαιρετικής σπανιότητας. Archaeologists estimate that it worked for about 1.000 years, from 6 to 16 century. An earthquake, or some geological change, turned the waters of the River Erimitsa to the land where the chapel stood. The Holy Trinity began to sink into the waters and mud ...

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The older inhabitants remember only the dome of the Holy Trinity in the dense vegetation that gave birth to the muddy soil. The total loss of the Byzantine monument seemed inevitable ...

Until the University of Ioannina, led by the late professor of Byzantine history Athanasios Paliouras, has undertaken to keep it alive with a rescue excavation, which ran from 2002 to 2006 ...

It was an excavation with many difficulties, as the waters had to be continually removed. Every time the drainage stopped, the Holy Trinity sank into the mud again ...

After the support work, Professor Paliouras tried to find a definitive solution for the complete revelation and restoration of the monument. The last proposal, which resulted in the agreement of experts, was to move the monument to adjacent space to stop it permanently from being threatened by the waters.

Unfortunately, Professor Paliouras did not manage to start the final rescue of the Byzantine church. He died suddenly, like his two colleagues in the excavation, archaeologists Nikos Kaponis and Kostas Vatsios. The monument was surrendered again to its liquid tomb.

It will be difficult to find specialists who show the same passion as Paliouras for the rescue of the Holy Trinity. But it is a crime for the history of the place to let this unique creature of human art be lost, at a time when science has a myriad of technical solutions. Did 15 come centuries and turn off now?

The video you watch is dedicated to his memory as well as the memories of Nikos Kaponis and Kostas Vatsios. The narration is by Athanasios Paliouras.

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